Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas calls for mobilising action against Trump’s deal

20 June, 19

Member of Hamas Political Bureau Mahmoud al-Zahar called for mobilising parliamentary action all over the world to face off the “Deal of the Century” and the Bahrain summit.   

In a letter sent to the League of Parliamentarians for al-Quds, al-Zahar reiterated the necessity to realise the imminent danger posed to the Palestinian cause, highlighting the importance of parliamentarian role at the international levels to take a clear stance and steps towards fighting off the Trump’s deal, which is targeting the Palestinian rights.

In light of the systematic Israeli campaign to judaize Jerusalem and imposed de facto measures in the holy city, al-Zahar warned against the “dangers” of the Bahrain conference and the “Deal of the Century”.    

Moving the US embassy to occupied Jerusalem along with serious measures taken by the Israeli occupation to annex large swaths of the Palestinian territory and put the West Bank under complete Israeli control came to prepare the ground for Trump’s ill-fated deal, al-Zahar explained.

Al-Zahar confirmed that all these conspiracies were intended to target the Palestinian rights and presence amid an unprecedentedly accelerating wave of normalisation with the Israeli occupation.  

Washington holds a summit in the Bahraini capital, Manama, in late June to announce the economic part of its “Deal of the Century”.

All Palestinian faction along with the Palestinian Authority rejected the Bahrain conference, calling on all Arab states to boycott the US-led event in Manama.