Press release on Manama conference

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In light of the US-led Bahrain summit, member of Hamas Political Bureau and Head of Hamas’ National Relations Office Husam Badran stated the following:

The outcomes of the Bahrain economic conference, which came as part of a plan spearheaded by the US administration to liquidate the Palestinian cause, will remain  dead letters, as the Palestinian people, who have been fighting for their freedom for more than 100 years, will not be lured into waving their claim to their homeland in return for the world’s wealth.

We express our deep disappointment over the Arab participation in the Manama event that is against the Palestinian consensus stance to oppose the US-led conference.

Any outcome or attempt to enforce solutions on the Palestinian people through custodianship is doomed to failure. The policy of financial and economic starvation to make the Palestinian people accept the so-called “Deal of the Century” will not succeed.

Hamas hails all states boycotting the Bahrain conference. Indeed, they reflect the genuine Arab and humanitarian position in support of the Palestinian people’s claim to their lands and holy sites and the refugees’ right to return to their homeland.

Saluting all segments of the Palestinian people, Hamas calls for an inclusive national initiative to preserve the Palestinian rights, face off the policy of financial and economic siege, and set up a complete national plan that will be part of the freedom struggle to defend the Palestinian rights and constants.

We are confident that the Palestinian willpower will win just as it did against previous plans targeting the Palestinian cause.

Hamas Movement

June 23, 2019