Hamas Islamic Resistance

Important press release on Manama conference

25 June, 19

Our just Palestinian cause has gone through many critical circumstances, but the steadfastness of the Palestinian people has foiled all attempts to liquidate the Palestinian issue. Up to this moment, the Palestinians uphold their rights to freedom struggle until ending the Israeli occupation and restoring their lands.

No one can represent the Palestinian people except the Palestinians themselves, who have never been unqualified to talking decisions related to Palestine. The parties and states meeting in Manama do not have any right or mandate to take decisions on behalf of the Palestinian people. Therefore, any resolution taken or stance adopted at the conference is null and void and does not represent the Palestinian people. Such decisions or positions are only desperate attempts to liquidate the Palestinian issue and do not represent the Palestinian people.

As what happened with previous attempts that tried to abolish the Palestinian rights, the new plots will remain dead letters and the Palestinian people will continue their freedom struggle against the Israeli occupation supported by the Arab and Islamic nations along with the free people of the world. Moreover, the Palestinian people would not give up or surrender against pressure or interventions, above all the ‘Deal of the Century’ that aims at liquidating the Palestinian issue.

Accordingly, the Palestinian people are the only party, which is entitled to take decisions related to Palestine. The Palestinians would never make any compromise over their right in exchange for some tempting offers.

The Bahrain conference is an alarming step and is against the constants and positions of the Arab nations. It, indeed, paves the way for a new extremely dangerous reality for the Palestinian issue and the whole region. The conference endeavours to convert the Palestinian cause from being a political issue into a humanitarian one. Moreover, it aims to integrate the Israeli occupation into the region and prepares for new dangerous and suspicious coalitions.

Ignoring the unanimous Palestinian position against the conference and holding the conference without the Palestinian people’s will represent a threatening compromise by some Arabs, a step denounced by all the Palestinians and thus should be never accepted or continued.

In light of these developments and challenges, Hamas states the following:

  1. We hail the Palestinian people in Jerusalem, the West Bank, the 48 occupied Palestinian territories, and the diaspora for their stance rejecting the ‘Deal of the Century’ and all the plots against the Palestinians. In addition, Hamas praises the Arab and Islamic nations along with the free people of the world for their unwavering position against the Trump’s deal and for their profound understanding of the plot against the Palestinian people.
  2. Hamas reiterates its full and unwavering rejection of the ‘Deal of the Century’ and the Bahrain conference. We will work to foil this plot. Hamas also stresses that Jerusalem and Palestine are of Arab identity and the Palestinian refugees have the right to go back to their hometowns and villages from which they were forcibly displaced by Zionist gangs in 1984.
  3. We demand our brothers in Bahrain and all countries participating in the conference to call off the summit held in Manama. Hamas calls on them to support the unanimous stance taken by the Palestinian people to reject the conference, which consists a part of the ‘Deal of the Century’.
  4. We urge the Palestinian factions to be fully prepared for the plot and fight off the deal through adopting unified positions. Moreover, the movement urges the Palestinian people to participate in the general strike on June 25, the day on which the conference kicks off in Bahrain. They are all invited to participate in all activities held to express rejection of the ‘Deal of the Century’ and the Bahrain summit.
  5. We stress that Hamas has the very right to resist the Israeli occupation to Palestine with all means possible, above all armed struggle. Still, any of the available resistance means may be used to protect the Palestinian issue and liberate Palestine.
  6. Hamas warns against annexing any part from the West Bank to the Israeli occupation, especially after the remarks made by the US ambassador to the Israeli occupation about this point.

Palestine, all Palestine, is for us. We will continue our resistance. The Israeli occupation does not have the right to have an inch from the land of Palestine. Down with all plots!

Hamas Movement

June 24, 2019