Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release by Hamas detainees on Bahrain summit

26 June, 19

In light of the “Deal of the Century” and the Bahrain conference, Hamas detainees in Israeli jails stated the following:

The detainees in Israeli jails are following up  the new plot against the Palestinian lands and cause, aimed at targeting the legal and historical Palestinian claim to their homeland and holy sites and entrenching the Israeli occupation of Palestine. 

The auction to sell Palestinian in return for US dollars, led by Trump and his administration, in the so-called “Bahrain workshop” is intended to pave the way for the “Deal of the Century”, which is bound to fail just as all previous suspicious proposals, from Theodor Herzl’s deal, foiled by Sultan Abdel Hamid II, to Balfour Declaration, to the Partition Plan for Palestine, to the Oslo Accords, among other schemes.

We, Hamas detainees in Israeli jails, along with the Palestinian national factions state the following:

First: We condemn the so-called Bahrain “economic workshop” and consider the participation of any side as an assault against the Palestinian people and their historical rights, stressing that the decisions made in this event are null and void.

Second: We reject all Israeli-US plots aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause, above all the “Deal of the Century” and confirm that Palestine belongs to its residents, whose claim will not be abolished by the passage of time.

Third: We reaffirm that the option of resistance is the sole way to restore Palestinian rights and lands and end the occupation of Palestine.

Hamas Movement

June 24, 2019