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‘Your conference will fail’: Hamas chief addresses Bahrain conference

26 June, 19

Your conference is bound to fail, head of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh said addressing the partisans in the Bahrain conference. 

Speaking at the Palestinian National Conference to face off the “Deal of the Century” in Gaza, Haniyeh said that the Manama summit is a political conference with economic cover and “financial temptations” and is aimed at preparing the ground for liquidating the Palestinian cause and green-lighting the Israeli occupation of the West Bank.

Haniyeh added that the US-sponsored event is held to open the door for normalisation between the Arab states and the Israeli occupation in a bid to integrate the Israeli occupation into the region.   

Noting that the Palestinian people had failed all previous conspiracies, Haniyeh said that the Palestinians are capable of thwarting the “Deal of the Century” and the Bahrain summit.

“The Deal of the Century and the Bahrain conference are born dead because they bear the seeds of failure,” Haniyeh continued.

The Hamas chief added that the United States, which had failed to make the region accept to its policies, would not be able to pass such a deal.

Historical turn

Haniyeh stressed that the Palestinian people are standing on a historical turn, calling for a national strategy to preserve the constants of the Palestinian cause, above all Jerusalem and the Palestinians’ right to return and establish a fully sovereign state with Jerusalem as its capital. 

Expressing his willingness to meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas along with the Fatah leadership in Gaza, or anywhere else, Haniyeh called for holding the Temporary Leadership Framework meeting, agreed upon in the 2005 Cairo deal.

“It is time for the Temporary Leadership Framework of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation to convene,” Haniyeh went on to say.

Haniyeh called for the formation of a national unity government, whose job it to run the Palestinian affairs in the occupied West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza, and prepare for general elections, including presidential, legislative, and National Council elections. 

The Hamas chief renewed his call for the PLO to be restructured so that all national and Islamic factions could participate in order to form a national front that adopts a unified national strategy.

Haniyeh noted that the Palestinian people, who are aware of the unprecedented strategic threat posed to their cause, had not authorised any side to waive or make compromises on their claim to Palestine.

Haniyeh hailed the Arab peoples for highlighting that the Palestinian cause and Jerusalem are at the core of their attention and interest.  

Addressing the Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons, Haniyeh said that the Palestinian resistance “vowed to release you at any cost.”

Boosting relations

Haniyeh called for bolstering the relationship and coordination with the Arab and Islamic states amid these “honourable” positions of many nations, particularly the countries hosting Palestinian refugees, such as Lebanon which had refused to participate in the Bahrain event.

The top Hamas official saluted all the nations that reject normalisation with the Israeli occupation and submission to the US administration while highlighting the Palestinian people’s right to resistance until ending the occupation.

Haniyeh praised the position of Kuwaiti Parliament Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim, who declared his rejection to normalisation with the Israeli occupation.   

To face off the dangers facing the Palestinian cause, Haniyeh called for all kinds of popular, political, financial, and media resistance along with the armed struggle to be adopted, reaffirming Hamas’ rejection of all plans to resettle Palestinian refugees and expand the occupied Palestinian territories into Egypt or Jordan.     


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