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Hamas to foil all plans targeting Palestinian rights and constants

29 June, 19

Musa AbuMarzouq, Senior Hamas Official
Musa AbuMarzouq, Senior Hamas Official

Member of Hamas Political Bureau Mousa Abu Marzouq said that the movement would thwart any plan threatening the Palestinian rights and constants.

Addressing the Palestinian people and the whole world, Abu Marzouq stressed that Palestine is not a “real estate to be sold or purchased and the Palestinian people’s rights cannot be sold or bought.”

Abu Marzouq reiterated that the Palestinian cause is a political issue, not an economic one.

The senior Hamas official noted that the Bahrain conference had failed due to the unified Palestinian position to reject and boycott the US-led event, which neglected the Palestinian political rights, above all the issue of Israeli occupation.    

Abu Marzouq called on the Palestinian Authority to adopt the unified Palestinian position on the Bahrain summit, form a national unity government, lift its sanctions on Gaza, and hold a meeting for all Palestinian factions in order to foil all plans aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause. 

While saluting the Palestinian people for standing up against the Bahrain conference, Abu Marzouq hailed the Arab and Islamic peoples for expressing their solidarity with the Palestinian people, urging them to reject all forms of normalisation with the Israeli occupation.   


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