Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on US envoy’s participation in opening of tunnel under Jerusalem

02 July, 19

Commenting on the US ambassador David Freidman’s participation in the opening of a tunnel under Jerusalem, member of Hamas Political Bureau Husam Badran stated the following:

The participation of the US ambassador to Israeli occupation in digging a tunnel under the Palestinian neighbourhood of Silwan in occupied Jerusalem is aggressive behaviour that violates all diplomatic norms and puts the international laws at risk.

This criminal act reflects the US position, which totally supports the Israeli occupation.

We hold the participants in the Bahrain conference responsible for the US administration and its envoy’s disdain for Jerusalem and its holy sites.

Friedman’s participation in the judaization of Palestinian holy sites is a dangerous precedent that requires a firm Palestinian, Arab, and Islamic position.

Jerusalem, its history, and its identity will not be distorted by vows and recognitions. Today, we hail the Palestinian resident of Isawiya village for resisting the Israeli occupation.

Hamas stresses that an all-out conflict with the Israeli occupation in the West Bank is a matter of time, as the reasons for this confrontation are increasing every day. 

Hamas Movement

July 1, 201