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Hamas chief phones Lebanese Speaker of Parliament, thanks him for rejecting Trump’s deal

05 July, 19

Elaborating on a phone call between the Head of Hamas Political Bureau and the Lebanese Speaker of the Parliament, Hamas representative in Lebanon Ahmed Abdulhadi stated the following:

The Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh phoned the Lebanese Speaker of the Parliament Nabih Berri Thursday evening. The top Hamas leader thanked Berri for the official and popular stances against the ‘Deal of the Century’ which aims at liquidating the Palestinian issue. He also praised the Lebanese position rejecting the Bahrain conference that was intended to abolish the basic rights of the Palestinian people in return for some money.

Haniyeh also thanked the Speaker of the Parliament of Lebanon for his enormous efforts to launch the “Lebanese-Palestinian dialogue’, wishing that Lebanon would continue granting humanitarian and social rights to the Palestinian refugees residing in Lebanon. Such rights would enable the refugees to live a decent life until they return to their homeland.

In addition, the senior Hamas official thanked Berri for his endeavors to achieve the intra-Palestinian reconciliation and for launching the ‘Joint Committee of Palestinian Work’ in Lebanon. He stressed that Hamas is always eager to achieve Palestinian unity and internal reconciliation in order to put an end to the Palestinian split. Haniyeh reiterated that Hamas is ready to respond positively to any initiative that aims to promote unity.

Finally, the Hamas chief confirmed that the movement upholds the Palestinian constants and rights, especially the right of return. Haniyeh stressed that the movement vehemently rejects any resettlement and displacement plans.

Hamas Movement

July 5, 2019