Hamas Islamic Resistance

New set of ceasefire understandings to be enforced, says Hamas official

06 July, 19

Member of Hamas Political Bureau Maher Obied expected that a new package of the ceasefire understandings would be implemented by Israeli occupation in the coming months.

In a press release, Obied added that the Israeli occupation was stalling the implantation of the ceasefire understandings, noting that the mediators were following up this process in the hopes of deescalating the tensions in the region.

Obied added that the Israeli occupation was not interested in foiling the understandings for many reasons, including its unwillingness to divert attention from the Washington-Tehran tensions and Netanyahu’s intent to run in the coming elections.

The mediators, above all Egypt, Qatar, and the United Nations, are working relentlessly to push the sides to make their commitments to the truce, Obied stressed.

Expressing his movement’s appreciation to the mediators’ role, Obied noted that the mediators were in touch with the Israeli occupation and Palestinian resistance on almost a daily basis.

Obied expected that some of the understandings would be enforced on the ground in the coming three months.

Regarding a call by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to hold elections, Obeid said that the elections should have been held since 2009, highlighting the importance of holding presidential, legislative, and National Council elections simultaneously. 

If holding the National Council elections is not possible for logistic reasons, Obied noted, Hamas will delay the elections.

Obied denounced the “unconstitutional measures” taken by Abbas, including his decision to dissolve the Palestinian Legislative Council.

The Hamas official warned the PA president against holding elections in the West Bank only, adding “This is the core aim of the Deal of the Century.”  

Obied added that the US-deal aimed at separating the West Bank from Gaza and dismantling the Palestinian cause, calling on Abbas to protect the Palestinian people and lands and heal the intra-Palestinian division.