Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on Israeli arrest campaign in West Bank, Jerusalem

08 July, 19

Commenting on the large-scale wave of arrests conducted by Israeli occupation forces on Sunday night, Hamas stated the following:

The arrest campaign launched by Israeli occupation forces across the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, in which a number of Hamas officials and members were detained, is a desperate attempt to break the will of the Palestinian people and dissuade them from the option of resistance.

We confirm that Hamas members and officials will remain at the forefront of defending their people and homeland; most of them spent dozens of years of their life in Israeli jails, whereas others had their sons killed while resisting the occupation.     

Hamas calls for fighting off the Israeli occupation and its arbitrary policy against Palestinian civilians through an inclusive national unity that preserves the Palestinian constants and national partnership on the basis of the option of resistance.

We hail the Palestinian residents of the West Bank city of Jenin, which has always been and the forefront of resisting the Israeli occupation.

Hamas reiterates that the Palestinian people would remain steadfast in their homeland.  The national consensus to foil all Israeli plans aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause reflects that the Palestinian people are united in all their political positions.

Hamas Movement

Monday, July 8, 2019