Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on Shtaya-led government's bids to prevent constructing a hospital in Gaza

09 July, 19

Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum stated the following:

The attempts of Shtaya-led government to hinder the process of constructing a hospital in southern Gaza Strip amid the deteriorating humanitarian situation and the urging needs for medical facilities in the enclave are desperate bids by the PA government to suffocate the Gaza Strip. Indeed, the Israeli occupation created this difficult situation in Gaza, and the PA-adopted policies made the humanitarian situation in the strip worse after cutting off the salaries of the public servants.

The shameful policy towards the Gaza Strip adopted by PA President Abbas and Shtaya-led government highlights that their claims about helping Gaza and its people are fake. On the contrary, they reflect that Shtaya-led government has decided to abandon its responsibility towards the beleaguered people in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas Movement

July 9, 2019