Press release on remarks made by Hamas official Fathi Hammad related to Jews, Great March of Return

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Commenting on the remarks made by the member of Hamas Political Bureau Fathi Hammad while speaking the Palestinian protesters who gathered at the Great Return March on July 12, 2019, Hamas states the following: 
Hamas has reviewed the remarks made by Hammad and decided to clarify the following points:
First: These remarks do not reflect the official stances of Hamas and its policy, which state that our struggle is only against the Israeli occupation which occupies our land and desecrates our holy places. Again, our struggle is not with Jews elsewhere or with Judaism as a religion. Hamas has condemned and continues to condemn any attacks against the Jews and their worship houses worldwide. 
Second: The Great March of Return is a peaceful popular demonstration that aims to reinforce the Palestinian right of return, as well as to break the 13-year Israeli siege imposed on Gaza. The national consensus that the march is popular and peaceful does not give the Israeli occupation forces the green light to target and kill the peaceful protesters.
We call on the Palestinian people to follow the decisions of and participate in the activities organised by the Higher National Committee of the Great March of Return. 
Third: We reiterate our appreciation to all mediators, above all our Egyptian brothers, for their endeavours to break the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip and to achieve the national Palestinian unity.
The Palestinian Islamic Movement Hamas
July 15, 2019