Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on death of Palestinian detainee in Israeli jail

16 July, 19

Commenting on the death of Palestinian detainee Nassar Taqatqa in an Israeli prison, Hamas stated the following:

Taqatqa’s death in Israeli jails reflects once again the criminal nature of the Israeli occupation and its brutal treatment in the dark interrogation rooms in addition to the policy of medical negligence and solitary confinement.

This crime against Taqatqa, who has been in detention for two weeks, requires an international commission to investigate the torture inflicted on the Palestinian detainee over two weeks that ended with his death in Ramla prison.

We call on the Palestinian people and factions to take a large-scale, popular action to defend the Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails, as the Israeli occupation escalates its violations against Palestinian prisoners through a series of suppressive measures, including denying them of the basic necessities of life.

Hamas sends its sincere condolences to Taqata’s family, urging the Palestinian people to stand with them in their ordeal.

Hamas Movement

July 16, 2019


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