Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas media delegation meets with Islamic Jihad counterpart

16 July, 19

A media delegation from Hamas, led by the movement’s head of Media Division Abroad Ra’fat Morra, met on Monday with Islamic Jihad media official in Gaza Daoud Shehab in Beirut.

The meeting focused on the latest political and media developments related to the Palestinian cause, the Palestinian people, and the Palestinian refugees abroad.

Both sides hailed the joint national efforts to resist the occupation, embrace the option of resistance, and support the Great Return March protests.

Highlighting the unified Palestinian position against the “deal of the century” and the Bahrain summit, both sides reiterated the necessity to break the Israeli siege on Gaza and lift the sanctions imposed on the impoverished territory.   

The meeting highlighted the importance of the role of Palestinian refugees abroad in supporting the national project and of their contributions to Palestinian political decision-making.

Both sides called for upholding the Palestinian refugees’ right to return, rejecting resettlement plans, and preserving the Palestinian presence abroad, especially in Lebanon.

Regarding the measures taken by Lebanon’s Labour Ministry against Palestinian refugees, both sides voiced their rejection to this move, highlighting the importance of granting the Palestinian refugees all their humanitarian, social, and civil rights.