Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas delegation to Russia promotes intra-Palestinian unity

18 July, 19

Member of Hamas Political Bureau Mousa Abu Marzouq reiterated Wednesday the importance of Palestinian national unity in order to face off all US and Israeli plans targeting the Palestinian cause.

Speaking at a press conference on the sidelines of his visit to Moscow, Abu Marzouq called on the international community to provide a decent life for the Palestinian people in Gaza, just like the other peoples around the globe.

Abu Marzouq noted that unemployment and poverty rates had soared in Gaza, while its infrastructure was almost collapsed due to the 12-year Israeli siege in the impoverished territory.

The senior Hamas official stressed that the Palestinian people staged the Great Return March protests to demand an end to the Israeli siege on Gaza, highlighting the Israeli suppression of these popular, peaceful demonstrations that left hundreds of peaceful protesters killed.   

Abu Marzouq described his movement’s relations with Iran as “good,” reaffirming the necessity to stand with it in the face of the US blockade.