Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on Israeli targeting of Great Return March protesters

20 July, 19

The Israeli deliberate targeting of peaceful protesters during the 67th Friday of the Great Return March is a new crime added to the Israeli criminal history. The Israeli occupation perpetrates atrocious crimes against the Palestinian people, especially the besieged people of Gaza, given that the majority of the victims at the Great Return March are women, children, and journalists,

Hamas holds the Israeli occupation responsible for its unabated crimes against peaceful protesters, calling for adopting an effective strategy to fight off the Israeli occupation and to put an end to its atrocities.

Hamas stresses that the Palestinian blood is a red line and that the Israeli leaders must be held accountable for shedding the blood of the peaceful protesters.

Finally, we call on mediators, above all Egypt, to immediately intervene to put an end to the Israeli crimes and aggression against the Palestinian people. 

Hamas Movement

June 19, 2019