Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas delegates senior official to discuss Lebanon’s Palestinian refugees

21 July, 19

 Member of Hamas Political Bureau Ezzat al-Rasheq has arrived on Friday in Beirut after being assigned by the movement’s chief Ismail Haniyeh to follow up the conditions of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

Al-Rasheq will discuss the repercussions of the latest measures taken by Lebanon’s Labour Ministry on the humanitarian, social and living conditions of Palestinian refugees and the Lebanese-Palestinian relations.

After his arrival, al-Rasheq stressed that he would address the Lebanese-Palestinian ties and the situation in the Palestinian refugee camps with Lebanese officials in a way that preserves Lebanon’s sovereignty, security, and stability and provide a decent life for Palestinian refugees, until they return to their homeland, by issuing bills that recognise their humanitarian and social rights, especially the refugees’ right to work, following the popular and peaceful protests against the these measures.

Al-Rasheq added that Hamas is keen on maintaining civil peace in Lebanon and boosting Lebanese-Palestinian relations to serve the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples.