Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on Israeli mass demolitions in Jerusalem

22 July, 19

The Israeli occupation demolished 70 apartments in Wadi al-Humos neighbourhood in occupied Jerusalem.

Indeed, this crime prompts a decisive Palestinian action with an inclusive, national program to preserve the identity and sanctity of Jerusalem in the face of the Israeli plans to judaize the holy city.   

Maintaining the Palestinian identity of Jerusalem and liberating it will remain a priority for the Palestinian resistance and the Arab and Islamic peoples.   Normalising ties with the Israeli occupation through economic workshops and conferences has motivated the Israeli occupation to perpetrate such atrocities, that led to the displacement of 70 Palestinian families. This crime is reminiscent of the first forced displacement that the Palestinian people had witnessed in the 1948 Nakbh when dozens of defenseless Palestinian families were driven out of their homes.

We call on the Arab and Islamic peoples along with the Palestinian people to take a popular action in support of the Palestinians of the West Bank, Jerusalem, Gaza, and the 1948 occupied territories.

Hamas Movement

Monday, July 22, 2019