Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on PA measures against Palestinian judiciary

23 July, 19

The outgoing Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas takes a new measure against the third pillar of Palestinian system ـــ the judicial authority, in a move to spoil the Palestinian system and eradicate any chance for partnership or democracy.

Indeed, this move comes as part of PA President Abbas’ unilateral, dictatorial, and outlawed approach following his illegal decision to dissolve the elected Palestinian Legislative Council, his illegal domination over the executive Palestinian institutions, and his bid to undermine national partnership.

Hamas rejects and condemns Abbas’ dictatorial move and his refusal to achieve reconciliation and partnership, as well as his opposition to holding democratic elections.

We stress that Abbas’ decision, which violates the Palestinian legal and constitutional norms, requires a political Palestinian will and a unified national effort to put an end to Abbas’ policy that bypasses the will of the Palestinian people.  

Hamas Movement

July 23, 2019