Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on Arab journalists’ visit to Israeli occupation

23 July, 19

Commenting on a visit paid by Saudi and Iraqi journalists to the Israeli occupation, Hamas states the following:

Hamas considers the visit of an Arab media delegation to the Israeli occupation a stab in the back of the Palestinian people and a dangerous sign of accelerating normalisation with the Israeli occupation, as well as an attempt to undermine the Palestinian rights.

Such visit along with all forms of normalisation with the Israeli occupation, which violates all boycott standards adopted by Arab media institutions has serious repercussions on the Palestinian rights and encourages the Israeli occupation to continue perpetuating crimes and violations against the Palestinian people. In addition, it opens the door for the Israeli occupation to integrate into the region, waste the Arab resources, and fuel divisions in the region.   

Hamas calls on all Arab and Islamic peoples to continue boycotting the Israeli occupation, exposing its schemes, and supporting the Palestinian people until they liberate their lands and holy sites.

Hamas Movement

July 23, 2019