Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas delegation holds meetings with senior Iranian officials

23 July, 19

A senior delegation from Hamas, led by the movement’s deputy chief Saleh al-Aruri, has met Sunday with chairman of Iran's Strategic Council for Foreign Relations Kamal Kharazi.

The meeting focused on latest developments of the Palestinian cause, particularly the “deal of the century” and its repercussions on the regional and international situations, and the unabated Israeli aggression in occupied Jerusalem and the holy sites.

The delegation reiterated that Hamas will continue upholding the Palestinian rights and that the movement refuses to make concessions on any right, regardless of the pressure placed on the Palestinian resistance movement.

Both sides highlighted that the US and Israeli demeanor posed a threat to the Palestinian cause, in particular, and the region, in general.  

During the meeting, both sides voiced their rejection to the US aggression in the region, especially the US sanctions on Iran and its harassment of the Islamic Republic.  

Kharazi, in turn, praised the Palestinian people in the occupied West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza for their steadfastness in the face of the Israeli occupation.