Hamas Islamic Resistance

‘There’s a true chance to agree a prisoner swap deal’, al-Qassam says

24 July, 19

There is a real chance to resolve the issue of captive Israeli soldiers in Gaza if the Israeli leadership was serious about opening this file and paying the price in return, Ezzeddin al-Qassam Brigades said Tuesday evening.

In a press release, Abu Obieda, spokesperson for Hamas’ military wing, said that this file may be forgotten and completely closed for “reasons the Israeli leadership knows well.”   

“We tell all concerned sides that we cannot put this file on the table again in case the [Israeli] occupation’s leadership missed these opportunities,” Abu Obied continued.

 Abu Obieda added that the Israeli government, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, had avoided a prisoner exchange deal with the Palestinian resistance, noting that the far-right government lied at families of captive Israeli soldiers. 

Abu Obeida confirmed that the Israeli leaders knew that the price that would be paid for the bodies of Israeli soldiers is relatively “modest” compared with the price for the living ones.

Al-Qassam noted that the Israeli occupation had always been stalling and trying to internationalise this matter “just as what the failed governments do.”  

Noting that the Israeli leadership had never raised the issue of Israeli solider Abera Mengistu, the Qassam spokesperson stressed that the Netanyahu government divided its public by race and sect and blatantly practiced racial discrimination, “even in humanitarian-related issues.”

Abu Obieda explained that the issue of Mengistu, a Jew of Ethiopian decent, is a clear-cut proof that the Israeli government and political officials evaded and lied about a new prisoner swap deal.  

Addressing the families of captive Israeli soldiers, Abu Obeida said, “You should first ask Netanyahu, [former War Minister Moshe] Ya'alon, and [former chief of staff of Israeli occupation forces Benny] Gantz where they left your sons and how they abandoned them.”

“You should ask [former chief military rabbi then] Rafi Peretz how he misled you and fed you with certain information to serve cheap political interests," Abu Obeida.

Abu Obieda went on saying, “The military and political leadership that abandoned your sons in Gaza in 2014 is the same one running for elections and trying to mislead you into believing that it has [Prophet] Moses’ stick to solve the Gaza problem.”

Abu Obieda demonstrated that the Palestinian resistance had announced that it captured Israeli soldiers east of Gaza in 2014 at a time when Netanyahu’s government was planning to tell lies and evade a prisoner swap agreement.