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Arab peoples view Israeli occupation as arch-foe, says Hamas spokesperson

25 July, 19

Hazem Qasem, Hamas spokesperson
Hazem Qasem, Hamas spokesperson

The growing rejection of a visit by an Arab delegation of journalists expressed by the Arab peoples, in general, and the Saudis, in particular, proves that the Arab nations still view the Israeli occupation as their arch-foe, Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qasem said Thursday.

In a press release, Qasem noted that the Arab peoples had voiced their rejection to any form of normalisation with the Israeli occupation.

“We believe that the Palestine cause will remain present in the mass Arab conscience until the [Israeli] occupation is ended,” Qasem added.     

A visit by a Saudi blogger to the Israeli occupation a few days ago has sparked a wave of uproar among the Arab peoples, who called for criminalising normalisation with the Israeli occupation.