Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on China’s statement condemning Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem

27 July, 19

We in Hamas Movement would like to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to China, represented by China's deputy permanent representative to the United Nations H.E. Wu Haitao, for his unequivocal statement condemning the illegal demolition of Palestinian homes near Jerusalem by Israeli occupation forces. The statement also calls for respecting the international law in the Occupied Palestine. This stance proves once again the commitment of the Chinese leadership to accomplishing justice and stability in the Middle East.

The Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes have caused an enormous suffering to Palestinian citizens and denied them basic human rights. Such Israeli violations are likely to lead to greater instability and fragility in the occupied Palestinian territory.
The government of the Israeli occupation has targeted about 100 civilian houses, many of which are located in Areas “A” and "B". This is a further evidence that the government of the Israeli occupation is the major obstacle to peace and stability in the region.
We call upon the Chinese leadership and other international players to continue expressing their rejection to this policy at the UN and the other international platforms. They, indeed, should exert more efforts to end the Israeli occupation.

Hamas Movement 
July 26, 2019