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Hamas lauds unified Palestinian position against Trump’s deal

28 July, 19

Hamas official Osama Hamdan
 Hamas official Osama Hamdan

Senior Hamas official Osama Hamdan praised Saturday evening the unified Palestinian position against the “deal of the century” despite the 13-year intra-Palestinian political division.

Speaking at a conference in the Moroccan city of Bouznika, Hamdan said that the Palestinians had managed to take a unified stance against the “deal of the century” despite divisions.

“There’s a Palestinian consensus to reject the “deal of the century”, Hamdan added. 

The senior Hamas official slammed any Palestinian “complicit in the deal of the century” as a traitor to his homeland and the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian Authority along with the Palestinian factions had boycotted the Bahrain conference, held on 25-26 June, to discuss the economic portion of the “deal of the century”.

The US economic plan aims to raise $28 billion in investment in the occupied Palestinian territories and $22 billion others will go to countries hosting Palestinian refugees, including Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt.