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Hamas reveals outcomes of Iran visit

28 July, 19

Hamas deputy chief Saleh al-Aruri warned on Friday evening against Israeli-US plans to impose a new status quo in occupied Jerusalem.

In a press release, al-Aruri added that targeting Jerusalem is the most dangerous part of the “deal of the century,” stressing “All who want to take the city [Jerusalem] from us and grant it to the occupation is an enemy, just as the Israeli occupation.”

Al-Aruri noted that the US administration was trying to enforce a “humiliating” solution through its “deal of the century” that no Palestinian would accept.   

Saluting the Palestinian residents of occupied Jerusalem for “standing in the front line to defend Jerusalem,” al-Aruri called for supporting the Palestinians in the holy city.

Al-Aruri urged the Arab and Islamic nations along with the free people of the world to reinforce the Palestinians’ steadfastness and back their option of resistance, calling on the Palestinian Authority to fight off the Israeli measures in Jerusalem in the international forums.

 Jerusalem is facing an unprecedented danger that requires the Palestinian people to unite against the occupation. 

‘Historic visit’

Al-Aruri described a visit by a Hamas delegation to Iran as “historic and strategic”, adding that the visit achieved significant outcomes at the level of supporting the Palestinian people.

The “deal of the century”, al-Aruri explained, aims at forming a new league involving the Israeli occupation as an ally to some Arab regimes in addition to liquidating the Palestinian cause.

Al-Aruri added that the Islamic and Arab peoples along with most of the Arab and Islamic parties and some governments had united against the league seeking to integrate the Israeli occupation into the region at the expense of the Palestinian rights. 

The Israeli occupation tries to provoke a Sunni-Shiite conflict, al-Aruri continued, confirming that Hamas wants to form an Arab-Islamic union to face off the Israeli occupation.

“Hamas’ relationship with Iran is part of a close alliance that it seeks with the peoples, governments, and parties rejecting the Israeli project and supporting the Palestinian rights,” al-Aruri confirmed.

While reaffirming that the Palestinian struggle is against the Israeli occupation only, al-Aruri said the Iran visit came in the context of unifying efforts to face off the Israeli occupation. 

 “Our relationship with any side will be directed at nobody but the occupation,” al-Aruri said addressing the Arab regimes. “The Iranians have never asked us to use our relationship with them to harm any Arab side.”

Commenting on Israeli military spokesperson Avichay Adraee’s attack on Hamas’ visit to Iran, al-Aruri said that such criticism proves that Hamas is on the right path.  

Gaza Strip

Regarding the ceasefire understandings with the Israeli occupation, al-Aruri said that the understandings were a temporary agreement, adding that Hamas continuously assess the Israeli commitment to it.  

Al-Aruri reiterated that the Palestinian resistance is ready to defend its people against any Israeli aggression.

Lebanon’s Palestinian refugees

The senior Hamas official condemned the latest measures enforced by Lebanese labour ministry on Palestinian workers as unfair, calling for an immediate end for such step, opposed widely among Lebanon’s spectrums.

Al-Aruri confirmed that the labour ministry’s decision to deny the Palestinian refugees their right to work was insulting to Lebanon and its people.

‘Regretful’ arrests

Al-Aruri expressed his regret towards detention of Hamas members in some Arab and Islamic states, calling on the Arab and Islamic governments to release them.  

General elections

Concerning the latest developments of the Palestinian reconciliation process, al-Aruri reiterated that Hamas had taken a constant and a true position towards resorting national unity.

Al-Aruri reaffirmed that his movement is ready to hold general Palestinian elections.