Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on Children in Armed Conflict report condemning Israeli occupation for violations against children

29 July, 19

Commenting on the UN annual Children in Armed Conflict report submitted by United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to the Security Council, member of Hamas International Relations office Dr. Basem Naim states the following: 

The number of Palestinian children that the Israeli occupation killed last year is the largest since the 2014 Israeli offensive against Gaza. The report pointed out, “Israeli occupation killed 56 children last year in the Palestinian Territories and 2756 children were wounded”.

It is great to report the Israeli terrorism, but the question for the UN: What is next? Is it to protect the Palestinians, as per the international law? Is it to pressure the Israeli occupation to abide by it, as an international organisation who is responsible for enforcing the law? At least, you missed backlist the Israeli occupation for violating children's rights.

The major problem is that the Israeli occupation has been brutally behaving as a rouge state for seven decades, or as a state above the law, enjoying impunity from being prosecuted and held accountable for its crimes committed against the Palestinian people and their rights guaranteed by the international law.

Dr. Basem Naim

Member of Hamas International Relations office