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Lebanon’s measures against Palestinian workers in line with Trump’s deal, says Hamas official

29 July, 19

Khalil al-Hayya,Member of Hamas Political Bureau
Khalil al-Hayya,Member of Hamas Political Bureau

The Lebanese labour minister’s measures against Palestinian refugees in Lebanon go in line with the “deal of the century”, member of Hamas Political Bureau Khalil al-Hayya said Sunday evening.

In a press release, al-Hayya condemned the labour minister’s decision as “unfair”, noting that this move had provoked outrage among Lebanon’s Palestinian refugees.   

As the popular protests against the labour minister’s decisions in Lebanon’s Palestinian refugee camps continue, al-Hayya called on Lebanon to press its labour minister to backtrack on his “unfair” decision.

Lebanese Labour Ministry launched on June 6 a campaign to crack down on “illegal foreign labour” in the country, shutting down businesses owned or rented by non-Lebanese workers without a permit, without the exception of Palestinian refugees. 

Ceasefire understandings

Regarding the ceasefire efforts, al-Hayya stressed that the ceasefire talks were part of a national action to restore the rights of the Palestinian people, denied by the Israeli occupation.

“The Great Return March will continue under all circumstances and will achieve its political, national, and field goals of breaking the siege on Gaza,” al-Hayya continued.

Al-Hayya noted that the Palestinian people would continue resisting the Israel occupation as long as their lands are occupied and if the Israeli occupation fails to enforce the ceasefire agreements.