Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas rejects any measure targeting Palestinian refugee rights

29 July, 19

Hamas urged the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon to continue peaceful, popular protests against Lebanese labour ministry’s measures across the refugee camps.

In a press release, the Palestinian resistance movement reiterated its “complete and strong” rejection to any measure that threatens Lebanon’s Palestinian refugees’ rights and interests.  

Hamas reaffirmed the necessity to repeal any measure or law that harms the Palestinian refugees or restricts their humanitarian and social rights.

Highlighting the necessity of handling this issue by the Lebanese government, Hamas calls for treating Lebanon’s Palestinian workers as refugees rather than foreign labour. 

As it lauded the popular actions taken by the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, Hamas called for such effort to be unified and coordinated on the basis of rejecting the Labour Minister’s measures.   

The Palestinian resistance movement reiterated its position against any proposal to resettle the Palestinian refugees in the neighboring countries and its support for their right of return to their homeland.

Hamas expressed its rejection to any attempt to exploit the popular Palestinian protests Lebanon’s refugee camps to interfere in internal Lebanese issues, or for incitement against Palestinian refugees.

While highlighting the unified, political and legal position of Palestinian factions against Labour Ministry’s move, Hamas hailed all Palestinian refugees, particularly the women, for standing up to their rights, praising everyone who supports the Palestinian refugees and their just demands.