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Press release on media reports about corruption in UNRWA

31 July, 19

On media reports about corruption and abuses of authority in UNRWA, member of Hamas International Relations Office Basem Naim stated the following:

No Palestinian citizen would accept providing a cover for corrupt officials in UNRWA and not holding them accountable for alleged abuses. However, it is clear that highlighting corruption cases and promoting prejudgments are not done with pure intentions.

Indeed, such behaviour serves the Israeli-American schemes that target the most important organisation which has a relation with the issue of the Palestinian refugees through publishing such reports about senior officials in the agency following the failure of funding cuts.

In addition, these media reports are published weeks before the United Nations General Assembly’s voting on renewing the mandate of UNRWA next September. The reports also are published following statements by US and Israeli officials about dismantling UNRWA, while no other state or body asks for this.

We stress that corrupt persons have to be held accountable without targeting the Palestinians’ rights, above all UNRWA-provided services, and the right of return and compensation.

Dr. Basem Naim

Member of Hamas International Relations Office

July 31, 2019


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