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Hamas urges Lebanon to grant Palestinian refugees civil rights

06 August, 19

Sami Abu Zohri, Hamas Official
Sami Abu Zohri, Hamas Official

Hamas official Sami Abu Zohri said that Lebanon’s Palestinian refugees had experienced inhumane conditions, as a result of being deprived of their basic rights.

In a press release, Abu Zohri reiterated the necessity to reconsider the civil rights denied to the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

Commenting on the recent Lebanese labour minister’s measures against Palestinian workers, Abu Zohri condemned this decision as “shocking, dangerous, unjustified, and politically-motivated,” adding that its timing was inconvenient.

“So, we made contacts with the Lebanese government which promised to reconsider this decision and highlighted the deep relationship with Palestine,” Abu Zohri continued.     

Abu Zohri stressed Hamas had backed the peaceful, poplar activities held by the Palestinian refugees across Lebanon’s refugee camps in protest at the labour minister’s measures against Palestinian workers.

“It isn’t acceptable to treat the Palestinian refugee who has been living in Lebanon for 70 years as a foreigner,” Abu Zohri added.

Abu Zohri noted that a Palestinian Lebanese dialogue committee had been formed recently to address the inhumane conditions that the Palestinian refugees are suffering from, but “we were shocked by the decision of labour minister who overlooked all agreements and discussions.”

Taken at this time, Abu Zohri explained, the Lebanese labour minister’s decision raises suspicions amid plans aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause.

“We think that the [Lebanese labour] minister has made a great mistake,” Abu Zohri added. “But, the position of the Lebanese leadership, either the president, the parliament speaker, or the head of the government, is positive.”