Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas accepts Egypt’s proposal to form a unity government

06 August, 19

Member of Hamas Political Bureau Osama Hamdan said Monday evening that Hamas had accepted Egypt’s latest offer to heal the Palestinian internal division.

In a press release, Hamdan noted that Egypt had suggested forming a national unity government, in which all Palestinian factions participate, to run the Palestinian affairs during the interim period in the run-up to general elections.

Highlighting that Hamas had accepted the recent Egyptian vision to end the Palestinian rift, Hamdan explained that Fatah’s response to Egypt’s offer was negative.

When asked if Hamas, along with other Palestinian factions, had received an offer to join Mohammed Ishtayeh’s government, Hamdan demonstrated that the intra-Palestinian discussions at the time were about forming a national unity government.

Hamdan highlighted his movement’s willingness and readiness to take up the Egyptian vision, hoping that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas would accept it to end the internal Palestinian division.