Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas meets delegation from Islamic factions in Lebanon

06 August, 19

Hamas representative in Lebanon received Monday a delegation from Islamic factions in Beirut.

The meeting with the delegation, including head of Islamic Movement Jamal Khatab, Osbat al-Ansar officials Abu Tareq al-Saadi and Abu Sharif Aqel, was attended by Abdel Majeed Awad, Hamas official in charge of political and media relations in Lebanon.

Both sides discussed the latest developments of the Palestinian cause and the conditions of the Palestinian refugees residing in Lebanon, particularly the security situation in Lebanon’s Palestinian refugee camps and the Labour Ministry’s measures against Palestinian workers.

They highlighted the necessity not to treat Palestinian refugees as foreigners, calling for new amendments to grant the Palestinian refugees their civil and humanitarian rights, so they can live a decent life until they return to their homeland from which they were forced out in 1948 by the Zionist gang.

Both sides called on Lebanon to “freeze” the Labour Ministry’s measures against Palestinian workers and give more room for Palestinian-Lebanese dialogue.

While discussing the security situation in the Palestinian refugee camps, especially Ain al-Hilwa where Hussein Alaadin was shot dead in an appalling crime, both sides praised the efforts exerted to find the perpetrators and bring stability to the camp.