Hamas Islamic Resistance

Senior Hamas delegation visits ICRC mission in Gaza

06 August, 19

A senior Hamas delegation, headed by member of Hamas Political Bureau Dr. Khalil al-Hayya visited Tuesday morning the office of International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC in Gaza.

The Hamas officials met with the head of ICRC mission in Gaza Mr. Guislain Defurne and praised the ICRC’s humanitarian services which have a good impact on the life of the besieged people of Gaza.

Mr. Defurne, in turn, thanked the Hamas delegation and considered the visit  the first-of-type and an important step to enhance cooperation between Hamas and ICRC.

The head of the ICRC mission in Gaza also highlighted that cooperation and understanding between Hamas and ICRC would serve the Palestinian people on the humanitarian level.

Both sides highlighted that they maintain rock-solid relations.

The Hamas delegation handed over a letter to the ICRC which includes answers to some questions that ICRC had already raised to Hamas.

Accompanied by the head of ICRC, the visiting Hamas officials went on a tour and visited some ICRC-run offices and centers whose work is focused on health, electricity, water, protection, or coordinating for Palestinian detainees’ visits.

Dr. Khalil al-Hayya thanked the ICRC for their efforts to improve the humanitarian conditions of the beleaguered Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, hoping that both bodies would maintain close cooperation with each other.

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