Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas urges support for Palestinian detainee suffering from cancer

08 August, 19

Hamas official Wasfi Kubha called Wednesday on all sides to act in support of Palestinian detainee Bassam al-Sayeh, who was transferred to the intensive care unit for his critical health condition.

In a press release, Kubha urged Palestinian Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs, Palestinian Prisoners' Club along with all national factions to put pressure on the Israeli occupation to release al-Sayeh immediately, who suffers from three different types of cancer.

Kubha explained that al-Sayeh should have been brought to court for early release, but the Israeli occupation was temporising, regretting the human rights groups’ failure to raise al-Sayeh’s issue.

The former Minister of Prisoners' Affairs stressed that the issue of sick Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons is a thorny question in the Palestinian cause.