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Palestinian compass points to liberation and return only, Hamas official says

19 August, 19

Palestinian refugees direct the compass towards liberating Palestine and returning to their homeland, Hamas Chief Abroad Maher Salah said Sunday.

In a press release, Salah added that any state suggesting that Palestinian refugees were a burden should work on returning them to their homeland, instead.

The US targeted the Palestinian refugees’ right of return by cutting off fund to UNRWA, which is the UN body helping Palestinian refugees, Salah added.

Citing Lebanon’s measures against Palestinian workers, Salah stressed that the Labour Ministry’s decision went in line with plans to resettle and displace Palestinian refugees, noting that the Palestinian refugees who had been forced out of their homes 70 years ago should not be treated as foreigners.   

Salah reiterated that the Israeli occupation is the “root of evil” in the region and that the US plans aimed at restructuring the region parallel with the Israeli vision.

The senior Hamas official called on the Arab and Islamic nations to support the Palestinian resistance and keep the Palestine cause away from internal rifts. 

 ‘Normalisation is treason’

Salah denounced normalisation with the Israeli occupation as treason, noting that normalisers should be renounced by their own peoples.   

Hamas’ relations

Salah said that Hamas had ties with Iran, Qatar, Turkey, Russia, Lebanon, Egypt, and Morocco, even with Europeans at an unofficial level, noting that the Palestinian resistance movement had formed an early political network.

While highlighting the close relationship with  Iran, Salah stressed that Hamas was not a part of any alliance or project other than the national Palestinian project.     

The head of Hamas Abroad reaffirmed that his movement would “knock on all doors” to recruit support for the Palestinian cause and struggle for freedom and dignity.

Thus, Salah continued, Hamas is keen on concentrating on the Palestinian cause in all its meetings with the Arab and Islamic states.