Hamas Islamic Resistance

Palestinian people to remain entrenched in homeland, says Hamas spokesperson

22 August, 19

The Israeli occupation has committed massacres to drive the Palestinian people out of their homeland, in line with the most notorious lie in history, which read "A land without a people for a people without a land,” Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qasem said Tuesday evening.

Qasem’s comments came following Israeli reports that the Israeli occupation was ready to encourage the Palestinian residents of Gaza to leave the besieged enclave.

Throughout history, Qasem added, the Palestinian people have stayed entrenched into their homeland.

Hamas, along with the Palestinian resistance, will continue to fight for restoring the Palestinian territories and returning the displaced Palestinian people to their homeland, Qasem continued.    

“Hamas seeks to reinforce the residents of Gaza Strip, improve the humanitarian situation, and lift the siege, which is one of the goals of the Great Return March, agreed upon by the Palestinian factions,” the Hamas spokesperson confirmed.

Highlighting the dire humanitarian situation in the blockaded Gaza Strip due to the 13-year Israeli siege, Qasem called on the Arab and Islamic nations, alongside with the free people of the world, to intensify their support for Gaza and uphold its residents’ right to live a decent life.  

Qasem concluded that Hamas had enormous faith in the Palestinian people that they would not abandon their homeland to the Israeli occupation and would continue fighting to break off the Gaza siege.