Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on President of Paraguay’s decisions to designate Hamas as terrorist organisation

22 August, 19

The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas condemns with the strongest terms the decision of the President of the Republic of Paraguay to designate the movement as an international terrorist group.

The Movement affirms that such resolutions do not serve security and stability in the region and even harm the good relations between our two peoples. It also contravenes international laws, which have guaranteed the right of peoples to resist occupation and aggression by all means available, including the armed struggle, as affirmed by the United Nations in its resolution A/ RES/37/43.

At the same time, such decisions strengthen the terrorism practiced by the Israeli occupation for decades against our people and provide it with a cover to continue that crimes and evade punishment.

Hamas is a Palestinian resistance movement that struggles for the freedom and independence of its people. We affirm that Hamas never commit aggressive acts against any people worldwide, as our freedom struggle is only against the Israeli occupation.

Therefore, we in Hamas demand Paraguay to immediately revoke this decision and take the necessary decisions and actions to support the struggle of our people for their freedom and independence. We call upon Paraguay to pursue the Israeli war criminals, given our people show respect and appreciation towards the Paraguay and its people.

The Islamic Resistance Movement – Hamas


August 22, 2019