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Report: Israeli occupation detained 17,000 Palestinian women since 1967

25 August, 19

Israeli occupation forces arrested more than 17,000 Palestinian women, including elderly ladies and minor girls, since 1967, a report released Thursday by a human rights group found.

The report said that the First Intifada, which broke out in 1987, witnessed the largest string of arrest campaigns against Palestinian women.

Throughout the First Intifada, the report continued, the number of Palestinian women detained by Israeli occupation forces has jumped to over 3,000, while in the 2000 Second Intifada, about 1,000 women were arrested by Israeli occupation. 

From 2009 to 2012, the intensity of arrests against Palestinian women declined before it escalated by the end of 2015, the group noted.

The number of arrests among Palestinian women, especially against ladies defending al-Aqsa Mosque, increased dramatically during 2018 and continued to rise throughout 2019.

Until publishing this report, the number of Palestinian women detained in Israeli prions has reached 36, including 20 mothers and six injured by Israeli gunfire during their arrest, according to the rights group.

All Palestinian women detainees are currently held in tough and alarming humanitarian and detention conditions at the “Damoun” prison, the report pointed out.

 Half of the total number of female Palestinian detainees were handed different sentences, the highest of which is a 16-year jail term, whereas the other half are still placed in detention.

The female Palestinian detainees suffer from the Israeli policy of deliberate medical negligence of sick or wounded detainees, the human rights group added, citing the case of Israa al-Jaabis, who suffered from severe burns after her car exploded near an Israeli military checkpoint in occupied Jerusalem in 2015.

Some of the detained Palestinian women are deprived of family visits and have no kitchens in various sections of Israeli prisons.