Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on US removal of Palestine from countries list

27 August, 19

The American State Department’s removal of “Palestine” or “Palestinian territories” from list of countries in the Middle East reflects the biased demeanor of the current US administration, which is completely in line with extreme Israeli positions aimed at abolishing the Palestinians and their unwavering rights to freedom and independence.

This short-sighted policy will not change the fact about the Palestinian presence and will not dissuade the Palestinian people from sticking to their rights.

This foolish policy will not serve stability in the region and the world. Rather, it will lead to more tensions and unrests. It will add insult to injury, as it came following a string of steps undermining the Palestinian people and their historical rights, including the Palestinian claims to Jerusalem and the refugees’ rights.

This step, along with all previous moves, are condemned and rejected. Hamas calls on the State Department to immediately reverse their decision and reconsider their policy, which is completely biased towards the Israeli occupation and its narrative.        

Dr.  Basem Naim

Member of Hamas International Relations Office

August 27, 2019