Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on bomb attacks against Palestinian police

28 August, 19

The Palestinian people were shocked Tuesday evening, August 27,2019, when they knew the news about the appalling crime committed by some mercenaries against Traffic Police officers, which has resulted in the killing of three police officers while performing their national duty maintaining security and stability in Gaza.

This heinous crime is a bid to divert attention from Israeli measures and plans targeting al-Aqsa Mosque that the Palestinian people, especially of the Gaza Strip, try to foil.

These bomb attacks are in line with the role of the Israeli occupation.

As Hamas mourns the killing of three police officers while on duty, the resistance movement states the following:

We will not allow, under any conditions, any rogue group to threaten Gaza’s security and stability.

A coward, rogue group will never be able to do what the Israeli occupation has failed to achieve through its military offensives on Gaza to damage the morale of the Palestinian people, target the home front, and change the agenda of national priorities.

The Palestinian people are aware of such incidents and calamities and will thus handle all such crimes wisely.

We call on the national and Islamic factions to assume their responsibilities towards fighting off this crime and those standing behind it. 

All those prioritising partisan interests and using a rhetoric aimed at deepening internal division while justifying the killing of three police officers are complicit in this crime and in providing a political cover for it, in a way that will result in serious repercussions.   

Hamas Movement

August 28, 2019.