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Netanyahu’s pledge to annex West Bank reflects how big the challenge is, says Hamas spokesperson

01 September, 19

Hazem Qasem, Hamas spokesperson
Hazem Qasem, Hamas spokesperson

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s statements about his intention to annex the West Bank settlements reflect the scale of the challenge facing the Palestinian cause, Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qasem said Sunday.

In a press release, Qasem explained that Netanyahu’s remarks in which he vowed that there “will be no more displacements” of Israeli Jewish settlers from the West Bank settlement, illegal under international law, would not dissuade the Palestinian people from continuing their struggle until endinag the Israeli occupation to the Palestinian territories.

Qasem added that Netanyahu’s pledge highlighted that it is necessary for the Palestinian factions to demand the Palestinian Authority to halt security collaboration with the Israeli occupation and to take practical steps in this regard. 

The Hamas spokesperson stressed that the Palestinian people are determined to end the occupation to their homeland. 

In a press release on Sunday, Netanyahu vowed to “apply Jewish sovereignty on all the settlements,” as part of the Israeli occupation.