Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on health condition of Palestinian detainee

04 September, 19

Press release
Press release

Commenting on the critical health condition of Palestinian detainee Bassam al-Sayeh, member of Hamas Political Bureau Mousa Dodeen stated the following:

Bassam al-Sayeh is about to die after being struck by diseases following years of imprisonment and medical negligence in Israeli jails.

We hold the Israeli government fully responsible for al-Sayeh’s life, as his ongoing detention will be equal to a death sentence inside Israeli jails. 

Hamas warns the Israeli occupation against continuing its suppressive measures against Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons.

The Palestinian resistance will honour its pledge to release all Palestinian detainees, whereas the Palestinian people will not leave them alone in their struggle against the occupation.  

We call on the Palestinian people to stand with the families of Palestinian detainees on hunger strike, whose lives were put at risk after going on a hunger strike for more than two months, such as Huthifa Halabia and Tareq Qadan, along with six other detainees who have been on a hunger strike for more than a month.  

Hamas calls on human rights groups to immediately act and raise the issue of sick Palestinian detainees and administrative detainees, stressing that leaving sick Palestinian detainees to face slow death is a crime against humanity.  

Musa Dudeen

Member of Hamas Political Bureau