Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on Netanyahu’s plan to desecrate Ibrahimi Mosque

04 September, 19

Once again, Israeli leaders are gearing up to desecrate the Ibrahimi Mosque few days before the Israeli elections to please extremist Israeli right-wing that is thirst for more violations at Palestinian sacred sites.

Israeli occupation authorities have taken serious measures against Hebron, in general, and the Old City, in particular, to secure the visit of terrorist Benjamin Netanyahu.

Today, we see Israeli leaders trying to judaize the West Bank to claim a fake accomplishment, which is the dream of settler leaders since the establishment of their settler project in the occupied Palestinian territory. Therefore, the option of resistance is the only way to fight off the Israeli settler project in the occupied West Bank.      

We stress that the Palestinian resistance, alongside the Palestinian people, will not allow Israeli settlers to continue colonising Palestinian territories.

Hamas calls on the Palestinian Authority’s leadership and security forces to put their words into action, halt all agreements with the Israeli occupation, and support the Palestinian people in their struggle against the Israeli occupation. 

Hamas Movement

September 4, 2019