Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas visits Islamic Shia Council in Beirut

06 September, 19

A senior delegation from Hamas discussed Wednesday with the head of the Supreme Islamic Shia Council in Lebanon, Sheikh Abdul Amir Qablan, the latest developments concerning the Palestinian cause.

The delegation, headed by Hamas representative in Lebanon Ahmad Abdel Hadi, who was accompanied by Abdel Majeed Awad, in charge of Hamas’ political and media relations, and Mashoor Abdel Halim, in charge of Palestinian relations, among others, praised Hezbollah’s response to Israeli aggression against Lebanon.

Highlighting the possible repercussions of Trump’s “deal of the century” on the Palestinian cause, Abdel Hadi stressed that the option of resistance is “the shortest path to foil it [the US deal] and thwart all plans aimed at liquidating the Palestinian rights.”

Abdel Hadi briefed Qablan on the latest developments regarding the Labour Ministry’s measures against Palestinian workers in Lebanon, reaffirming his movement’s rejection of all plans intended to resettle or displace Palestinian refugees.

Qablan, in turn, confirmed that the Palestinian cause was a core issue for Arabs and Muslims, highlighting the necessity to reinforce the unity of the Palestinian people and support them in their fight against the Israeli occupation.