Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on Israeli killing of civilians at the Great Return March

07 September, 19

On the targeting of civilian Palestinians at the Great Return March by Israeli occupation forces, Hamas movement states the following:

Hamas mourns the Palestinian victims killed by Israeli occupation forces on ‘Protecting the Home Front’ Friday at the Great Return March, who are: Khalid al-Rabei and Ali al-Ashqar. And we wish the wounded a speedy recovery.

The Israeli heinous crime is a blatant attack against the Palestinian people. It also highlights the criminal mentality of the Israeli occupation and the flagrant targeting of unarmed protesters at the Great Return March.

We hail the legendary steadfastness of Gazans who demonstrate a determination to make great sacrifice despite great sacrifice that they endure due to an unjust international blockade imposed on the coastal enclave. Indeed, no country has gone through such a siege in the world history.

Furthermore, we denounce the weird positions adopted by some parties to distort resistance and sacrifices made by the Palestinian people to break the 12-year siege on Gaza.

We hold the Israeli occupation fully responsible for the repercussions of this crime and for shedding the blood of Palestinians at the march.

On the other hand, the resistance stresses that it would never let the Israeli occupation waste the blood of Palestinians. So, it will provide protection for the Palestinians and tackle the Israeli crimes to fulfil its responsibility towards the Palestinian people.

Finally, the Great Return March will continue as a peaceful means of resistance against the Israeli occupation. It is a continuation of the path of resistance taken by the Palestinian people until liberation and independence.

Hamas Movement

September 7, 2019