Hamas Islamic Resistance

Israeli occupation makes false claims to justify killing of defenseless protesters, says Hamas spokesperson

07 September, 19

Hamas spokesperson Hazen Qasem stated that the Israeli occupation makes false claims to justify the heinous crimes perpetrated against the Palestinian peaceful protesters at the Great Return March.

The Hamas official confirmed that the Palestinian victims killed by the Israeli occupation at the 73rd Friday of the Great Return March were peaceful and unarmed. He also highlighted that the Palestinian protesters were dozens of metres away from the separation fence.

That the protesters are non-violent is broadcast by media agencies and confirmed by different international committees that conducted investigations on similar crimes committed by the Israeli occupation forces, Qasem stressed.

He added: “The Israeli demeanor towards the peaceful protesters is against the international law and international humanitarian law.”

He pointed out that the Israeli occupation targets the protesters deliberately to break the will of the Palestinian people, but it will fail to do.