Hamas Islamic Resistance

Report: 2,170 Israeli violations in West Bank, Jerusalem in August

07 September, 19

The number of violations committed by Israeli occupation forces and settlers against Palestinian civilians and properties in the occupied West Bank during August has reached 2,170, ranging from killings, shootings, arrests, home raids, travel bans, confiscation of properties, and Israeli settlers’ attacks, a report issued Tuesday by Hamas’ Media Division revealed.

One of the most serious Israeli violations, according to the report, is the shooting of 16-year-old Naseem Abu Roumi, from Jerusalem’s Al-Eizariya town, and 26-year-old Alaa al-Harimi, from Bethlehem, by Israeli occupation soldiers.

Over the past month, 99 Palestinian civilians were wounded by Israeli gunfire. 

Break-ins of al-Aqsa

Some 3,410 Israeli settlers stormed al-Aqsa Mosque in 21 times over the last month, the report showed.

The break-ins of al-Aqsa Mosque peaked on Eid al-Adha, following a weeks-long campaign by extremist settler group inciting to storm the sacred complex.

Israeli occupation authorities issued orders banning 21 Palestinian Jerusalemites from accessing al-Aqsa Mosque last month, the report explained.  

Arrests and home raids

The report demonstrated that last month saw 375 arrests by Israeli occupation forces against Palestinian civilians across the occupied West Bank, where 104 Palestinians were detained in Jerusalem, 68 others in Ramallah, and 64 others in Hebron.

The occupied West Bank witnessed 333 raids on Palestinian towns and villages, in which 171 homes were stormed by Israeli occupation forces. 

Last month, Israeli occupation forces set up 451 permanent and temporary military checkpoints, restricting the movement of the Palestinian people and goods in and out of the West Bank towns and villages.

Israeli military bulldozers demolished 7 Palestinian homes, 5 of which in Jerusalem and 2 in Hebron, and 16 structures, including shops and agriculture facilities, over the past month, the report found, noting that some of which were destroyed by their owners to avoid paying hefty demolition fines. 

The report pointed out that Israeli occupation authorities barred 438 Palestinian civilians from travel last month.   

Israeli occupation forces confiscated 18 Palestinian-owned properties, including money, equipment, and vehicles.

The number of attacks by Israeli settlers against Palestinian civilians has hit 47 throughout the last month, whereas the number of shootings by Israeli occupation forces and settlers against Palestinian has reached 96.  

Settlement activity

August witnessed six new settlement activities, above all the Israeli approval to build about 2,304 further settlement units in the illegal West Bank settlements.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu laid the foundation stone for the construction of new 650 settlement units in the illegal West Bank settlement of “Beit El”, while approving plans to build a new settlement neighbourhood consisting of 300 units in the illegal settlement of “Dolev”.