Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas chief: Palestinian people uphold their right to return

09 September, 19

Head of Hamas Political Bureau said that the Palestinian people uphold their right of return to their homeland and villages from which they were forcibly displaced in 1948 by Zionist gangs.

Speaking at the Popular Conference to Face off the Deal of the Century and Maintain the Right to Return, Haniyeh said that there are many desperate attempts to push the Palestinian people to immigrate; there is pressure pilled on the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon; our people in Jerusalem undergo the same pressure.

“All of this is done under an American vision to end the issue of Palestinian refugees,” he added.

Addressing the international community, the Hamas chief demanded to stop attempts to dismantle UNRWA and continue supporting the Palestinian people as a ‘guarantee’ to their right of return and compensation for their 70-year displacement.

The Hamas chief concluded: “We stress that 70 years of Israeli occupation to out homeland would not abolish the Palestinians’ right to return, for there are steadfastly uphold their right to go back to their hometown and villages.”