Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on detention of Hamas official in Saudi Arabia

09 September, 19

The Saudi State Security Investigations Service arrested Dr. Muhammed Saleh al-Khudari on April 4, 2019. Dr. al-Khudari has been residing in Egypt for thirty years and he had been in charge of coordinating Hamas’ relations with Saudi Arabia for two decades. In addition, he had been appointed senior posts in the movement.

Dr. al-Khudari is 81-year-old and he suffers from a terminal illness. He is also a famous consultant ENT surgeon. Moreover, he has been recognised for serving the Palestinian people.

Indeed, the political, social, and scientific positions of Dr. al-Khudari have not pushed the Saudi State Security Investigations Service to release him.

Moreover, he was not the only to be arrested. The Saudi security forces arrested his son Dr. Hani al-Khudari without any charge along with many other Palestinians during an arrest campaign that targeted Palestinians residing in Saudi Arabia.

Hamas had kept silent for five months to give place for diplomatic endeavours made by some mediators. However, these efforts have resulted in no progress so far.

Upon this, we are forced to announce the detention of Dr. Muhammed Saleh al-Khudari. We call on the Saudi authorities to release Dr. al-Khudari along with all Palestinians detained in Saudi jails as soon as possible.

Hamas Movement

Monday, September 9, 2019